About me

About me

I believe that the enjoyment of wine is not only the juice in the bottle, but also the impact that has to do with the setting, the company you are with, your mood and even the glass you drink out of…

Welcome to my Wine Review site!

For the past 15 years, I have been reviewing wines. This website will be able to allow readers to search for a specific wine, or by category, and look at a review and a rating.

I always try to put down as much information as I can, so the reader is able to assess if they would like the wine before even trying it.


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You can also find me on:

The Delectable Wine App


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166 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hi – I have followed your wine notes on Delectable for years and your tasting notes and ratings are very helpful to me. We seem to share similar preferences. I didn’t know about your blog until just now. I’ll make sure to visit often! Eric


  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThank you for your like. What I didn’t write about in my post was childhood picnics in the meadow with cheese and chutney and ham sandwiches, tomatoes, pork pies and some chicken all washed down with homemade cloudy lemonade and ginger beer. I don’t remember my mum and dad bringing along any wine in the picnic hamper. But as we took our own children for picnics packing much the same fare in the hamper, we more often or not took along a nicely aged bottle of Billecart-Salmon (goes nicely with salmon and cucumber sandwiches).


  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my odd little spot on wordpress at couchmapgie.com. I wish i could dedicate myself to just one thing in life (e.g. wine) but I’m too easily distracted by other things and what’s on TV 🙂 Keep up the good work!


  3. My only connection with wines is that half a century ago while I was working for a California radio station I had occasion to produce a series of seven half-hour broadcasts on California wines, featuring two experts from some sort of wine academy. As the producer I was encouraged to taste all the wines, starting with light white wines and getting progressively darker and heavier. The programs were broadcast weekly, but we recorded all seven on the same afternoon, so we were quite tipsy by the end of it.

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  4. I only every drink red wine because I have an iron issue. So I will read with the hope of finding a new favorite tipple


  5. Thanks for stopping by my pages, you have a wonderful resource on one of my favorite subjects as a wine lover with cellars of 300+ bottles in France;Cheers


  6. I’ve always liked niche blogs for the simple reason that you get so much more detail and understanding on a particular subject/topic that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Thanks for passing by my travel blog. If you’re visiting India, you should visit Nashik in Maharashtra state and Nandi Hills in Karnataka state to taste Indian wines which are produced from imported or hybrid grape stock. Even the states of Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and North East India produce wines.

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  7. Big surprise seeing all your likes on my blog today – thank you for your time and interest. Interesting subject you have chosen and although I now have left the UK and live here in South India with my husband, I surely will look in very often. /We have, as you might well know, some pretty good local wine – Grover and Sula the most well known. By local standard a bit on the pricy side and with this tremendous heat out here a bit too strong (but so delicious 🙂 ) – so even the Vineyards highly recommend to serve even the reds chilled!!!


      1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThank you so much for all your like’s on my blog it is really appreciated. I haven’t had a glass of wine or any alcohol for almost 13 years now as I’m sure you’re aware from my blog that I am a recovering alcoholic. So I don’t know what comments I can add to your reviews which I am sure are wonderful. I will read some of your reviews and see how I react hopefully they aren’t so good that they make me want to pick up a drink! Caroline


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