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Bitch Bubbly Sparkling Non Vintage, Spain 89

Dark salmon in color with light intensity.

Light nose of strawberries and citrus with small bubbles.

Sweet and fruity on the palate with raspberries, sweet strawberries, citrus, lemons and apples.

Medium finish with sweet raspberries.

What a fun sparkling Rosé from Spain this is. Sweet and bubbly and Great for parties.

Good by itself as a sipping wine, by the porch or pool.

I took it to an afternoon party, and it was a big hit. Everyone at the party loved it.

A blend of Chardonnay, Shiraz and Grenache.

I paired it with a charcuterie board of meats and cheeses.

11% alcohol by volume.

89 points.



Schmidt Sohne Relax Riesling 2016 Mosel, Germany

Pale lemon in color with a golden hue.

Nice nose of lemons, pineapples, diesel, red apples, minerals and spices.

Medium plus in body with high acidity. Crisp and refreshing.

Semi sweet on the palate with citrus, lemons, green apples, pears, light tropical fruits, pineapples, minerals, sea salt and black pepper.

Long finish with limes.

This simple Riesling from Mosel is well balanced and enjoyable by itself or with food. Showing nice acidity that balances out the residual sugar.

A great white wine to drink by the pool, and pairs nicely with spicy Thai food.

9% alcohol by volume.

89 points.


Ca’ Montebello di Scarani Luigi Moscato Dolce 2015 IGT, Italy

Light straw in color with a golden tint.

Sweet nose of citrus, honey, over ripen tangerines, lemons, yellow apples, pears, pineapples and white pepper.

Medium-bodied with tiny bubbles and high acidity.

Sweet on the palate with citrus, pears, apples, light tropical fruits and honeysuckle.

Long sweet finish with tangy limes.

This is a very sweet sparkling wine from Italy. Not fully balanced, yet not cloying, with a nice finish. I had it a couple of years ago and it was much better. Over the hill by now.

A good dessert wine that would pair nicely with lemon cakes or just by itself. Needs to be very chilled.

7% alcohol by volume.

86 points.


San Sebastian Winery Vintners Red Premium Red Wine Non-Vintage, Florida

Red in color with a wide brick rim.

Sweet nose of blackberries, sweet blueberries, cherry pie, raisins, cooked plums, vanilla, spices, honeysuckle and flowers.

Medium plus in body with medium plus acidity and nice legs.

Sweet on the palate with sweet plums, cooked blueberries, honey, baked green apples, apricots, rose jam and spices.

Medium plus in finish with lemons and tangy raspberries.

This sweet red from Florida is already over the hill. It is non vintage, so I don’t know how old it is as I found it at a friend’s house. Still drinkable and good as a dessert wine. Not balanced, but I’m not sure that was the intent anyway. Better when very chilled.

Made from Muscadine grapes which are native to Florida, and have that very distinct taste of Honeysuckle. Not for everyone…

11% alcohol by volume.

83 points.


Fonseca Porto Bin No 27 Finest Reserve Non-Vintage, Portugal

Dark ruby in color with a purplish rim.

Sweet fruity nose of blackberries, black plums, sweet cherries, licorice, vanilla, wood, alcohol, spices, chocolates, mocha, sweet caramel, cloves and peppercorn.

Full bodied and bold with medium plus acidity and long legs.

Sweet on the palate with blackberries, sweet plums, cherry pie, dried figs, tobacco, spices, wood, vanilla, cloves, dark coffee, chocolates, pencil lead and peppercorn.

Long finish with soft tannins and tangy cranberries.

This port is always enjoyable. Not too complex but very tasty with nice balance.

I paired it with brie cheese and fig jam. So yummy 😋.

20% alcohol by volume.

90 points.


Imperial Achaia Clauss Mavrodaphne of Patras Non-Vintage, Greece

Cloudy ruby/brown in color with an orange /brick rim.

Sweet nose of raisins, cooked cherries, oak, vanilla, over ripen red fruits, alcohol, chocolates, mocha, peppercorn, earth and Mediterranean spices.

Full bodied with medium plus acidity and long legs.

Sweet on the palate with blackberries, black plums, cooked cherries, oak, vanilla, licorice, cloves, citrus, limes and spices.

Medium minus on the finish with tangy cranberries.

This Greek sweet red wine is over the hill by now, but still enjoyable. Showing nice complexity, but not balanced enough anymore.

Good by itself or with dessert and needs to be very chilled.

15% alcohol by volume.

84 points.