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Chateau Guiraud Premier Cru Classé Sauternes 2003 Bordeaux, France

Deep golden in color.

Strong nose of honeydew, citrus, lemons, honey, spices, melons, oranges, tangerines, tropical fruits and pineapples. A really beautiful nose.

Full bodied and buttery with high acidity.

Sweet on the palate with melons, red apples, honey, tropical fruits, spices, light earth, honeysuckle and white pepper.

Long finish with oranges and spices.

This is a fabulous dessert wine from Bordeaux, France.

Very complex with a great mouthfeel. Well balanced with enough acidity to balance the sugars.

Delicious right out of the bottle, good by itself, and even better after an hour of airtime.

Thanks Scott for sharing this with me.

This 19 year old is smooth and generous. Rich and extracted. Sweet and well balanced.

I’ve had the 2009 vintage not too long ago, and this is showing so much better. What a wonderful surprise.

Paired very nicely with the blue cheese. Drank from a 375ml bottle.

13.5% alcohol by volume.

96 points.


Chateau Suduiraut Premier Cru Classé Sauternes 2004, France

This is a wonderful 18 year old sweet wine from Bordeaux.

Showing lemons, citrus, yellow apples, pears, pineapples, honey and light earth.

Medium plus in body with medium plus acidity.

Sweet on the palate and well balanced with nice complexity.

Has a lovely nose that I really enjoyed. Kept on smelling on it for a long time.

Drinking wonderfully now, and will continues to age nicely in the next 20 years.

A tasty wine that doesn’t need food at all, but will pair very nicely with Foie Gras.

A blend of mostly Sémillon with Sauvignon Blanc.

14% alcohol by volume.

94 points.


Chateau Bechereau Philipperie Sauternes 1983, France

Dark golden in color.

Simple on the nose with honey, citrus, pineapples, honeydew and light spices.

Full bodied with high acidity and long legs.

Off dry on the palate with yellow apples, spices, light tropical fruits, licorice, honey, light earth notes, herbs and white pepper.

Long finish with spices and black pepper.

This 38 year old is still drinking very nicely now, but probably past its peak.

I gave it an hour to open up, but it probably needed much longer.

This is an interesting sweet wine. Spicy and entertaining, but lost a lot of the fruits by now. From a great vintage, but not as sweet as I expected it to be.

I had it a couple of years ago and liked it better then. Not what I expected but it is still very drinkable.

13% alcohol by volume.

89 points.

Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes 2013, France

This is a delicious dessert wine from France. Sweet on the palate with great complexity.

Showing honey, yellow apples, apricots, spices, sweet nectar, white wild flowers, melons, brown sugar and spices.

Medium bodied with high acidity.

Well balanced with enough acidity to balance the sugars.

Thank you Barry for sharing this with me.

This needs no food. Just sip and enjoy.

This 8 year old will continue age nicely in the next 40 years.

Just delicious.

13.5% alcohol by volume.

97 points.

$160 (375 ml).

Château Bechereau Philipperie Grand Vin de Sauternes 1983 Bordeaux, France

This is a nicely aged sweet wine from Bordeaux.

Brownish in color with a brick hue.

Great nose, although a little stinky, with honey, vegetables, herbs, wet leaves, citrus and Indian spices light curry and cumin.

Medium plus in body and buttery, with medium plus acidity.

Sweet on the palate with limes, citrus, honey, apples, earth, wood, over ripened pears, honey, Indian spices and black pepper.

This is an interesting sweet wine, but i prefer these younger.

This 36 year old is nicely balanced and enjoyable by itself. Not too sweet, with a lot of complexity. A little bitter on the ending. Spicy and tangy.

I paired it with a Macadamia Nut ice cream.

The nose is very overwhelming, so I figured I need to give it a day to chill out, which was a great idea.

Next day update: It’s good that I didn’t post my review yesterday, as this is a nice surprise. A tastier wine today.

Lost most of the bitter and vegetables notes, and it is showing very nicely.

If you have one, let it open up for a long time. Delicious and complex.

13% alcohol by volume.

92 points.

Château Rieussec Sauternes Premier Grand Cru Classé 2011 Bordeaux, France

Dark gold in color.

Beautiful nose of lemons, citrus, spices, honey, butterscotch, carmel, hazelnut, mango, apricot and minerals.

Full bodied, buttery and bold, with high acidity and nice legs.

Sweet on the palate with citrus, lemon grind, oranges, honey, peaches, nuts, apricots and Mediterranean spices.

Long finish with honey suckle and spices.

This first growth sweet wine is a delicious one from Bordeaux. Showing great complexity and mouthfeel. Big and bold, sweet and well balanced.

This one can be aged for a long long time, although it is so yummy now.

This 2011 vintage was magnificent in Sauternes. Tasty, complex and delicious. I loved it.

Robert Parker 95 points.

A blend of 95% Sémillon, 3% Muscadelle and 2% Sauvignon Blanc.

14% alcohol by volume.

98 points.