Amphorae Wines Rhyton Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Israel

My Rating 86 Points.

Price $25.

Pale lemon in color with a wide see-through rim.

Strong nose of lemons, grapefruits, over ripen citrus fruits, spices, earth, bitter herbs, white pepper and minerals.

light to medium in body with medium acidity, long legs, crisp and refreshing.

Dry on the palate with grapefruits, lemons, green apples, clay, white pepper, herbs and bitter almonds.

Medium finish with almonds and spices.

This 4 year old Israeli Sauvignon Blanc, is drinking nicely now, although it is a little over the hill.
Shows great balance and interesting complexity that is not found in a newer vintage.

Crisp and refreshing and enjoyable by itself or with food. A little bitter on the ending.

13% alcohol by volume.


8 thoughts on “Amphorae Wines Rhyton Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Israel

  1. Inasmuch as I love Sauvignon Blanc, I wasn’t very impressed with this one because of a sort of metallic aftertaste. Perhaps it was too young, as we had it a couple of years ago, and it was the same vintage year – what do you think?

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