Bartenura Provincia di Pavia Pinot Grigio 2014 IGT, Italy 

My Rating 82 Points.   

Price $15. 

Pale lemon in color with a yellow tint.
Light nose of lemons, grapefruits and citrus fruits.

Medium-bodied and crisp with medium acidity.

Dry on the palate with lemons, grapefruits, apples, over ripen citrus fruits, bitter herbs and white pepper.

Medium finish with bitter almonds.

This Pinot Grigio from Italy is over the hill, but is still drinkable. A little unbalanced with some rotten fruit notes, and somewhat watery.

Refreshing when very cold. Good by itself or with food. It’s even kosher.

I had it by itself, by the lake…

11.5% alcohol by volume.

27 thoughts on “Bartenura Provincia di Pavia Pinot Grigio 2014 IGT, Italy 

  1. PInot Grigio happens to be my favorite wine, as it pairs perfectly with the kinds of food I prefer, but I found Cantina Gabriele better than Bartenura, crispier and not watery. I’ve also detected those rotten fruit notes that you mention, and it’s been consistent over the years. Conclusion: I’d rather pay a couple of dollars more for Cantina Gabriele Pinot Grigio.

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      1. I am glad I am not the only crazy person here. Unfortunately, I can’t have Pinot Grigio from Veneto or Friuli, even though they are the original ones and the best, supposedly, because they are not kosher. But I believe you!
        And yes, cats rule the world!

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  2. I’m sorry you did not like it! I must try Gabriele’s Moscato.
    I do love Moscato d’Asti. In my humble opinion the best producers are: “Saracco, Ezio Cerutti – Cà d’Gal (with their Moscato di Canelli)” and “Societa Agricola Borgo Maragliano – Rione San Sebastiano in Loazzolo” 😀


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