Michael David Winery The Seven Deadly Zins Old Vine Zinfandel 2011 Lodi, California 

My Rating 91 Points.   

Price $16.
Wonderful color of dark ruby with a short reddish rim.

Beautiful nose of blackberries, sweet cherries, figs, vanilla, earth, raisins, cedar, pencil lead, leather, alcohol, light vegetables, coffee, chocolates, tobacco, beef jerky and peppercorn.

Medium plus in body, soft and smooth, with medium acidity and great long legs.

Dry and fruity on the palate with blackberries, black currants, sweet plums, cherries, figs, licorice, vanilla, spices, earth, leather, coffee, tobacco, dark chocolates, wood and peppercorn.

Long finish with soft tannins and raspberries.

What a great Zinfandel. I always liked it, but time did good work here, with complexity that wasn’t there before. Very balanced and enjoyable by itself, as a sipping wine.

Soft and gentle mouth feel, with an enjoyable ending. Easy drinking and needs an hour to open up properly, although it drinks nicely right out of the bottle.

I really enjoyed the nose this time. I had this vintage a year ago, and this now it was way better. Worth keeping it for a while.

15% alcohol by volume.

4.1 Stars.


27 thoughts on “Michael David Winery The Seven Deadly Zins Old Vine Zinfandel 2011 Lodi, California 

                1. Sorry, didn’t make it clear. I grew up in the Soviet Union when Georgia, which is now a country, was a part of it. It is a shame that in Israel, Georgian wines are kosher, but in the US they are not (country, not state).

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                2. We met the distributor, Baron Bosner, at a cigar show a few years ago, and saw the wines in his booth. Then I saw the same wines in the U.S. but not kosher. In many cases it depends on who is willing to pay for the hekhsher, and he did.


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