Luc Belaire Rare Brut Non-Vintage, France

My Rating 83 Points.   

Price $30.

Pale lemon in color with a green hue.

Nose of grapefruits, limes, citrus, yeast, minerals and green apples.

Light bodied and crisp, with small bubbles.

Dry on the palate with limes, herbs, grapefruits, citrus, sea salt, white pepper, yeast, toast and bitter almonds.

Medium finish with bitter herbs.

This French, Blanc de Blanc, sparkling wine is drinkable, but not my style. Crisp and refreshing with racy acidity, but a bit bitter for me.

12.5% alcohol by volume.


2 thoughts on “Luc Belaire Rare Brut Non-Vintage, France

  1. I agree on the slight bitterness to the finish, but everything else you said to describe sounds rather positive to me, making me think 83/100 is a little harsh. Not entirely my style either, but I totally respect the quality this bubbly is made of. Perhaps the blend has changed, there’s bound to be a little vintage variation. Anyway, I scored it 89/100 on my blog Cheers, and thanks for sharing 🙂

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