Bartenura Provincia Di Pavia Moscato 2015, Italy 

My Rating 87 Points.   

Price $13. 
Pale lemon in color with a yellow tint.

Lovely sweet nose of melons, citrus, tropical fruits, peaches, bananas, white flowers, metals and sea salt.

Full bodied and extracted, with effervesce and high acidity.

Sweet on the palate with lemons, melons, citrus peaches, mangoes and light pepper.

A long sweet finish with lemons.

This is a good sipping wine. A very rich, sweet white, from Italy.
Good as a dessert all by itself.

It has a lot of acidity to balance the sugars, but not enough to make it fully balanced.

The fizz makes it even more interesting, and it’s kosher.

5% alcohol by volume.


9 thoughts on “Bartenura Provincia Di Pavia Moscato 2015, Italy 

  1. Hi, Odedi! Happy Halloween! Nice review; sounds delicious! I love sweet wines and that type of grape! I see that there’s also a “P” next to the OU sign, so it looks like it is probably Kosher for Passover! I like Manischewitz, but that’s good to know. Thank you! Just curious to know if you’ve ever perused one of those wine subscription services? And if so, what did you think?


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