Lindeman’s Pinot Grigio Bin 85 2015, Australia 

My Rating 77 Points.   

Price $6.

Light straw in color with a yellow tint.

Light nose of grapefruits, lemons, citrus, light peaches, bitter almonds, grass and gooseberries.

Light to medium bodied and crisp, with high acidity.

Dry on the palate with lemons, grapefruits, almonds, grass and white pepper.

Short finish with bitter herbs.

A drinkable Pinot Grigio from Australia. Very simple, but pairs well with food. I didn’t appreciate the bitterness that carries from the mid palate to the very ending.

Very inexpensive, but there are other options for a few bucks more, that would be a lot better.
Needs to be very chilled when drinking.

Didn’t work so well by itself at the beach, but afterwards I paired it with barbecue chicken and steamed vegetables.

12.5% alcohol by volume.


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