Dicello Moscato D’Asti DOCG 2014, Italy

My Rating 85 Points.   

Price $10. 
Pale lemon in color with a green hue.

Gentle and sweet nose of lemons, melons, tropical fruits, red apples, limes, citrus, peaches and mangoes.

Full-bodied, bold and cloying, with effervescent and medium plus acidity.

Extremely sweet on the palate with honeydew, lemons, tropical fruits, peaches apricots, sea salt and spices.

Medium plus on the finish.

This Moscato is a sweet dessert wine. Will work very well with cakes and other desserts, but not so much by itself for it is cloying and too sweet and unbalanced.

I paired it with a birthday cake (not sure which was sweeter).

5.5% alcohol by volume


22 thoughts on “Dicello Moscato D’Asti DOCG 2014, Italy

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      1. Yes you answered a “grocery store”..do you happen to know the grocery store? The wine Di Cello Moscato D’ Asti is for a wedding but I would like to sample it first…thank you..

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  2. Hello..where can I purchase this wine? Di Cello Moscato D’ Asti? Getting married and I would like to purchase one for each table. Along with a non alcoholic beverage…but I would like to sample taste it first. Thank you.. Please name al the places where the wine can be purchased.. Thank you so very much.😀

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