Zichron Yaakov Winery White Blend 1999, Israel 

My Rating 70 Points.   

Price $35.
Here is another one I forgot to open in time…

Orange in color with a golden tint.

Fruity, yet weird on the nose, with honey, white vinegar, acetone, apples, Indian spices, melons and white pepper.

Medium-bodied and still crisp.

Bone dry on the palate, with rotten red berries, grapefruits, citrus, barnyard, cloves, honey, Mediterranean spices and tumerac.

Long finish with tart berries.

I think this one was gone for a while now. It is still drinkable with a very unique taste and smell.

Paired it with ‫ hard cheeses and dried cranberries .
It’s too bad I left it in my cellar for a long time. But then again, this is also a unique experience.

11% alcohol by volume.


3 thoughts on “Zichron Yaakov Winery White Blend 1999, Israel 

  1. I think of the story of the giant grapes on their vines, carried between several men. This winery is several decades plus one century old, from the 1880’s or so, but winemaking in Israel dates back millenia! A visit there would be the best way to experience it!

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      1. Twice; one of those times as a volunteer for about 9 months. I was poking around about the winery (Carmel Winery) on Wikipedia. One location is in northern Israel, and the other in Rishon L’Tzion. I’ve been on a jam-packed day trip in Rishon L’Tzion, enjoying the tourist sites. On another trip, I went to Latrun. If I recall correctly, it’s where the battle of Joshua occured and the sun stood still. Across from Latrun is a monastery where wine is made, as well (again, if not mixing up my memories). Plus, I just remembered that Israel’s old “logo” was actually that imagery of the men carrying the large grapes. I used to have a chanukiyah formed with that similar scene, as well. So, lots of grape history. Could be an interesting tour focus. Have you been?


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