Stylite Wines Limited Edition Rqatsiteli 2011, Georgia


My Rating 81 Points. 
Price $18.

Here is a unique orange wine from Georgia (the country).

Light salmon/orange in color with a golden hue.

Stinky on the nose, with sour strawberries, rotten cantaloupe, cherries, lemon, garbage(?), white pepper, citrus and turmeric.

Full bodied and bold, for a white wine with no oak, with medium acidity and long legs.

Bone dry on the palate with watery strawberries, lemons, currants, spices and white pepper.
Short finish with firm, yet smooth, tannins.

Orange wine is always interesting to me. Not really a white wine, nor a red, but rather, like a mix of the two. Tastes like white wine, with big tannins and no oak. Drinkable but not for everyone.

This unfiltered wine is made from the Rqatsiteli grape, which is known to be the one of the oldest grape varieties, dating to 3000 BC.

In this limited production, only 3000 bottles were produced. This was bottle #18. Very cool.

12.5% alcohol by volume.


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