Kayra Single Vineyard Öküzgözü Collectible Series #5 2011, Turkey


My Rating 93 Points.    
Price $25.

What a nice Turkish delight this is.
Beautiful color of dark ruby/inky core with a purplish rim.

The nose is similar to a Napa Cabernet. Lots of vanilla and oak that drown all the fruits. Some chocolates, licorice, cedar, coffee, cola, smoke, blackberries, black currants, black pepper and spices.

Full bodied and bold, Smooth and elegant with medium plus acidity and gorgeous legs.

Dry and fruity on the palate with oak, vanilla, blackberries, currants, sweet cherries, dark chocolates, cola, figs, raisins, tobacco, coffee, peppercorn and spices.

Long finish with full, firm tannins and black pepper.

A great Single Vineyard red wine. Big, bold and beautiful. At a Blind tasting I would call a young Napa Cabernet.
Balanced and Enjoyable by itself or with food. I Paired it with a Turkish lamb dish, and it held its own nicely.

This 5 year old needs some additional bottle time and will be even better in 3 years.
Needs 2 hours in a decanter.

Fun fact:
Okuzgozu, the grape varietal, means an ox eye for being the largest among the grape varieties grown in Turkey.

14.5% alcohol by volume.


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