Chateau Elan Winery Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Georgia, USA


My Rating 77 Points.  
Price $16.

Light straw in color with a green hue.

Clean on the nose with citrus, limes, gooseberries, pears and tropical fruits.

Medium bodied with medium acidity.

fruity on the palate with grapefruits and green apples.

Long finish with bitter almonds.

This was not for me, I tried it with food and the bitterness did not go away.

14% alcohol by volume.


4 thoughts on “Chateau Elan Winery Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Georgia, USA

      1. It was an attempt at levity. I love Keeler’s Orange Marmalade yet there are no citrus trees nor sugar cane fields in bonny Scotland. I also enjoy Swiss chocolates and know they are produced thousands of miles from cacao trees. Transporting ingredients, especially nowadays, is not an impediment to quality. Chateau Elan has done a fine job with their wines. Here in Georgia wineries have an uphill battle with our hot and humid summers. But we even have something California and the other grape growing regions can’t boast: muscadines grapes. The wines are rather unusual with a musky taste, but “interesting”. Personally I like muscadine jelly to wine – but hey, what do I know.

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