Baron Herzog California Chardonnay 2001


My Rating 81 Points.   

I found this 15 year old Chardonnay in my cellar. What a surprise, I did not think this will still be drinkable.

Dark golden in color. Like an aged Sauterne.

Fruity on the nose with light rotten fruits, honey, figs, sweet citrus fruit, peaches, wood, apricots, lemons and spices.

Full-bodied, refreshing and crisp.

Bone dry on the palate with spices, melons, red apples, chamomile, grapefruits, light honey (but not sweet) and lemons.

Long finish with limes and almonds.

I did not expect this to still be alive, but it still has something interesting. Still drinkable, but not fruity anymore. A blend of Chardonnay grapes, barrel fermented, from Russian River, Central Coast and Dunnigan Hills.

It was much better in the first 20 minutes, and died right after that.

13% alcohol by volume.


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