Kirkland Columbia Valley Merlot 2013, Washington State


My Rating 85 Points. 
Price $10.

Deep purple in color with a lighter purplish rim.

Fruity on the nose with blackberries, sweet cherries, red currants, blueberries, strawberry pie, licorice, vanilla, leather, oak, cola, alcohol, spices and black pepper.

Full-bodied with medium acidity, long legs and an airy mouth feel.

Fruity on the palate with blackberries, cherries, blueberries, figs, currants, metals, cedar, vanilla, light cloves, mint, espresso, chocolate and light peppercorn.

Medium plus on the finish with very soft tannins and bitter spices.

This is a Nice Columbia Valley Merlot. At a blind tasting, I would think that this would be a California Cabernet Sauvignon.

A little harsh ending, with a burn at the back of the throat, and somewhat watery mouth feel.

Still, very enjoyable with food and even by itself. Paired it with a stuffed eggplant Mediterranean dish.

14.5% alcohol by volume.


7 thoughts on “Kirkland Columbia Valley Merlot 2013, Washington State

  1. Kirkland picks some pretty good wines! We are fortunate enough to live fairly close to Columbia Valley and have visited several times. It’s a beautiful area and they make some great wines there. You should also try some of the Murphys wines. Fantastic! Bold reds and very subtle whites that are not too “oakey”.

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    1. My only issue with Kirkland wines generally is their inconsistency. They don’t all come from the same batches of grapes or wineries as Costco buys in such huge quantities. If you get a good one it can be great, and the next time you buy the same wine (same vintage year) not so much. With Kirkland wines it is definitely Caveat Emptor (buyer beware).

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