Terrenal Estate Bottled Chardonnay 2012, Spain


My Rating 75 Points. 
Price $6.

Light yellow in color with a golden hue.

On the nose, flowers, lemons, grapefruits, citrus, minerals and wet stones.

Medium-bodied with high acidity.

Dry on the palate with lemons, pears, Kiwi, guava, bitter almonds, spices and some yeast.

Short and tart on the finish with limes.

This is my first Spanish Chardonnay. Interesting, but not balanced at all. Too tart for my taste.

The grapes were hand-harvested. From southeastern Spain.

12.5% alcohol by volume.

2 thoughts on “Terrenal Estate Bottled Chardonnay 2012, Spain

  1. Hi
    We are the producers of Terrenal Wines selling in USA.
    when and where did you find the 2012 Terrenal Chard?
    Trader Joe’s are selling the 2014 Terrenal Chard after sold out the 2013.
    You can find Terrenal Spanish Wines as follow: Cabernet Sauvignon. Temperanillo.Seleccionado. .
    You can find the Chilean Terrenal Chard 2014.
    You can find the Argentinean Terrenal Malbec 2015.
    Other wines of our production you can find at same store are: Banero Prosecco. Sara Bee Moscato.
    Shimshon Welner

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    1. Shimshon, i had this at a friends home, so i’m not sure when it was purchased, but it could definitely been purchased a long while ago, and the wine was supposed to be had a couple of years ago. Maybe the 2014 is more vibrant.
      BTW this was from Spain.


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